7 Reasons Why Content Is Still King in 2017 [Infographic]

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It was on January 3, 1996, when Bill Gates, then CEO of Microsoft corporation, published the essay, Content is King. The article states that content will play a very crucial role in the future of then-emerging Internet. And no one can’t ever deny the fact that his words are very much accurate, especially these days.

Many people have doubted this statement by Mr. Gates. Primarily it because he was then running a giant corporation that could easily dominate the Internet. Such dominance allows him to alone control which type of content will go online and what’s not. However, the former CEO of Microsoft fully understood that content will not only dictate the future of the Internet itself but the overall business landscape as well.

Content Marketing Today

Publishing has been democratized through the Internet. Thus, marketers and other professionals have been taking advantage of content to reach their target market in the online world. From the blog post, news articles, infographics, images to videos and slideshow presentations, a wide breadth content of dominates the internet these days, all aiming to entertain, create relationships, and more importantly, help the people make a smarter purchase decision.

True enough, content marketing is dominating. It is fairly important in any business prospects. Chec out the infographic which compile 7 reasons why content is still king in 2017.

Source: Harris Myers

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