London Design Awards

July 23, 2024

Airwheel SE3S | Revolutionising Tradition

Multifunctional Design The Airwheel SE3S Deluxe Electric Smart Riding Suitcase significantly departs from traditional luggage design, setting a new standard in modern travel accessories. This innovative […]
July 16, 2024

Interview with Saurabh Rathi from the United States

Saurabh Rathi Saurabh Rathi is a multi-disciplinary designer with a background in engineering. I leverage prototyping as a means to explore, iterate, and communicate my ideas […]
July 16, 2024

Interview with the Kriators of Krit Design Club

Creators The Kriators are a passionate group of individuals who utilises their time off to create better designs and seamless experiences. They are a collective of […]
July 16, 2024

K11 MUSEA | Discovering the Inner Muse

Muse K11 MUSEA, the crown jewel of the 10-year Victoria Dockside regeneration project. It is a masterful blend of art, culture, and architecture. Crafted by 100 […]
July 16, 2024

Interview with Three Visionary Women, Creators of AI Ad Manager

Visionary Women The visionary creators of the AI Ad Manager comprised three lovely ladies with many years of accumulated experience in UX/UI designing. The trio consisted […]
July 16, 2024

Interview with Ashley Hodge, Design Director of Whippet London

Ashley Hodge Ashley Hodge is a Design Director at Whippet UK, bringing experience from previous roles at Dalziel & Pow, Rawls, and Futurebrand. With a robust […]
July 16, 2024

Interview with Atsushi Murakami from Japan

Atsushi Murakami Atsushi Murakami is an experienced architect from Tokyo, Japan. With over 20 years of experience and knowledge in a broad field of designing, his […]
July 11, 2024

Interview with Tseng Min-Kang & Hsu Kuei-Wen of CHI-R Interior Design

Duo Designers Tseng Min-Kang & Hsu Kuei-Wen are two designers from Taiwan with a broad range of experience in designing as well as architectural designing. With […]
July 9, 2024

Interview with Qihang Fan, the Multidisciplinary Designer

Qihang Fan Qihang Fan is a multi-award-winning multidisciplinary designer, an independent developer, and a product owner. His avid passion for technological advancements has furnished him with […]
July 9, 2024

Interview with the Team who created MediConnect | United States

MediConnect Team Mediconnect is the brainchild of a team of multidisciplinary group with diverse expertise in architecture and user experience design. This team consists of Yuxiang […]