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In the Shunyi District of Beijing,

the Poetry Courtyard represents the center attraction and exhibition center of one of the top residential products of C-LAND. The project is intended to create an urban garden residence like a land of idyllic paradise.

Behind the minds of this project is the comprehensive multi-disciplinary design firm practicing strategic and urban planning, architecture, landscape architecture, cultural tourism, and interior design; HZS Design Holding Company Limited.

Poetry Courtyard | NY Architectural Design Awards

Poetry Courtyard | NY Architectural Design Awards

The building consists of a floor plan where the central water courtyard is formed around an enclosed courtyard layout. Intending to make the central water courtyard carry out activities such as visiting, reception, negotiation, recreation, office, and logistics. With designs of the zigzagging corridor, maximize the landscape aesthetic, while the quiet water feature allows visitors to be relieved in the fast-paced environment. 

For HZS Design, the designs are drawn from architectural inspirations of the mountains of Wangchuan in Lantian. With the mountain being the inspiration, the shape is the main factor that starts from the ground to design a cascading, well-arranged layout, together with the cornice of the building that consists of traditional cornices, archways, warpings, rise and reinterprets them with modern and concise designs.

Poetry Courtyard | NY Architectural Design Awards

The entrance of the building and the appearance on the second floor feature a grating structure with a mountain pattern carved by varying the length and density of its members. This grating softens the light, imparting a quiet and mysterious ambiance to the interior space. Transitioning from the bustling outdoor area to the tranquil indoors, visitors experience a shift from noise to peace. As they move through the building, the strong light and shadow interplay becomes dappled. In this serene environment, the sound of flowing water fades away, replaced by the gentle rustle of a cool breeze, evoking the sensation of being in a dense forest and offering an exquisite experience of light, shadow, and movement.

White stone and dark gray metal are also applied to the design, As the classic elements of traditional literati residence, white walls and black tiles appear more delicate and exquisite under the translation of modern materials. Ultra-white glass is used in the facade to provide light and maximize views of the water, the planar water feature is introduced into the design, making people walking behind the glass curtain wall feel like strolling in the long rolls of a landscape.

With commitments to an integrated design and management approach, HZS Designs’ project of the Poetry Courtyard is crowned the NY Architectural Design Awards 2024 Design of the Year. 



Entrant Company: HZS Design Holding Company Limited

Client: China Construction First Building (Group) Real Estate Development Company

Winning Category: Commercial Architecture - Mixed-Use Developments

The 2024 NY Architectural Design Awards is proud to present its elevated winners in the inaugural season!