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Swery is the CEO of White Owls Inc., a game developer company based in Japan. Developing unique and fascinating video games have always been his passion!

Interview with the 2021 NYX Game Awards Winner - Swery

1Please provide us with a brief bio of yourself and your background.

My name is SWERY, I am CEO of video game developer company known as White Owls Inc. located in Osaka, Japan. I have been making a lot of video games since 1996. Especially, Deadly Premonition, D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die and The MISSING: JJ Macfield and the Island of Memories.

2What led you to become a Game Developer / Marketer?

Back then in 1996, I played a lot of NEO-GEO games and wanted to join the team with the other creators. Because of that, I missed out the opportunity to become a movie director or editor as I didn’t have enough time to understand the practice of the feudal Japanese film industry. I was too young to understand the situation at that time.

3What is your role in the company, and what traits should a game developer / marketing professional possess to be successful in their role?

In order to be great in these two roles, one must be stress tolerance and capable of standing up after a fall, immediately.

4Tell us more about your studio / company.

We, the White Owls is located in Kansai district, Japan. We are a team of 12 and 1 Ape plushies known as Sharapova. We really love making video games!

We started the development of our 1st peoject in November, 2016. Up until today, we have managed to released 3 projects. They are full video games known as, The MISSING, Deadly Premonition 2, and The Good Life.

5What is your own definition of a great game?

A game where the players are deeply immersed in it and the time spent becomes a great experience for the player.

6 Describe the genres of the game(s) your studio / company specializes in, as well as its main characteristics.

We have released two (2) types of games. They are known as "Side Scroll Puzzle Action" and "Open World Action Adventure". Some people say that both of these games have a very weird style, they are called "SWRISM"

7Tell us more about your ideation process.

After all of this are in place, I will keep them in the drawers in my head until the time’s up. As certain point, you will have the chance to make concreate. After taking out the idea from the drawers, I will re-construct the plan contents in consideration of the trend, user’s preference, taboo, and many more, in that timing.

8Congratulations! As the winner of the NYX Game Awards, what does it mean for you and your team to receive this distinction?

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who have helped and supported me in this project. Winning this NYX Game Awards is such a great honor for me and the rest of my team. In particular, The Good Life started its cloud funding project in 2018. Hence, the game was completed with the support of an incredible number of people.

By receiving this prestigious award, I feel that we have met the expectations of everyone who supported the project. In other words, it wasn’t their complacency that all supporters invested their time, enthusiasm, and their money, it was also valuable to others, wonderful.

9How has winning an international award help promote your company and game?

I still don't know how impactful is this since it’s still new.

However, I have already received a lot of wishes from people in this industry. I really hope that we can continue to make intriguing, unique, and weird video games!

10 What are the challenges of developing / marketing your winning entry(ies)?

I experienced a crowdfunding project for the first time in my life. The biggest challenge was to proceed with the development while reporting the progress of the development to backers every month.

11How has the country, you are based in, helped during your ideation process?

A lots of cats and dogs lives in my country (Japan). They sort of helped me.

12What are the current trends in the game industry that you are most excited about?

Triplndie (Triple Indie Games, Indie game that they are not AAA, but like AAA)

13What are the top THREE (3) favorite things about the gaming industry?

1st, Clever Fans.

2nd, Goofy Fans.

3rd, Silly Creators like my friends and I.

14What resources would you recommend to someone who is searching to improve their game designs and development ideas / skills?

Lets go to the bar!

15Where do you see the evolution of the gaming industry in the next 5-10 years?

Subscription, cloud gaming, Metaverse (VR or AR or MR). However, all of them will be boring if it is just a plagiarism of video streaming services or an extension of the social media accounts. We need to find way to make an extension of "real world".

16Who inspired you in your life, and why?

Everyone I meet in my life because everybody has a story of life. This is not a joke. I am recording every conversation with taxi driver since 2010. (Creepy?)

17What is your key to success? Any parting words of wisdom?

I am still looking for that key...

18Do you have anything else, which we haven’t covered, that you would like to include in this interview?

I told you everything, thank you for the wonderful opportunity!

Winning Entries

The Good Life | 2021

Interview With Swery From White Owls Inc, Japan

Enjoy everyday life while solving a murder mystery in Rainy Woods - known as the "happiest town in the world" - in this all-new "Debt Repayment RPG"
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Swery is the CEO of White Owls Inc., a game developer company based in Japan. Developing unique and fascinating video games have always been his passion!