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Sergey Berg

Sergey Berg is the founder and director of Masterskaya kamnia (Stone workshop) LLC, a company that specializes in processing natural stone and creating unique products. He has more than 10 years of experience and developed a method of "seamless" gluing stone. His goal is to satisfy customers' needs for exclusivity and dreams.

Interview With The 2023 iLuxury Awards Winner - Sergey Berg

1Please provide us with a brief introduction about yourself and your professional background.

Hello! My name is Berg Sergey. I am a professional in processing natural stone and making unique products from it. I am the founder and general director of the company Masterskaya kamnia (Stone workshop) LLC.

I have significant experience in the field of stone processing - more than 10 years, developing a method of seamless gluing of natural stone, while having wrote a manual for masters on this method. In 2022, I was invited as an expert in stone processing to Kazakhstan and conducted several training workshops for Marmi LLC and VitaStone LLC.

Thanks to my experience and the skills I shared at the workshops, Marmi LLC won the title of "Industry Leader 2023", and I was honored with awards such as "Professional of the Year 2023" and received the "Special Achievement" medal from the National Business Rating in Kazakhstan.

2When did you, and what drove you to, establish this particular brand?

I have tried many different specialties in my life. One of them was working in a team of workers on exterior and interior finishing. And once there, I encountered natural granite. It was a completely new and very challenging experience.

I began to study this topic and immersed myself in the nuances of working with natural stone. So, already in 2015, I founded my company Masterskaya kamnia (Stone workshop) LLC, which specialized in the production of piece exclusive premium projects.

3Please enlighten us with your brand’s background and inspiration?

I have always wanted to realize my creative and technical potential in my work. At the very beginning of the development and realization of my business in the manufacture of natural stone products, I formulated my dream and goal, which transformed into a full-fledged concept for Masterskaya kamnia: "to satisfy the customers' need for exclusivity of their products, to realize their dreams in physical form."

4Whom are your brand’s target audiences?

The most of our clients are wealthy and very well-to-do people with a sense of beauty and style. The Masterskaya kamnia pays great personal attention to each client at all stages of the production process, from the design of the future product to the full realization of the project. Clients appreciate our approach to business, as well as the highest quality of our products.

5What exalting innovations has your brand brought to the industry and what makes it differ from your competitors’ innovations?

For many years of work Masterskaya kamnia has set a rather high standard in terms of the quality and complexity of products, as well as in terms of customer service. The company was able to achieve such significant results thanks to our unique technological developments, in particular: "matrix illumination of transparent onyxes," "technology for the protection of marble surfaces," "seamless" gluing of natural stone."

Many others, including mechanical devices for the installation and transportation of stone, have also been developed. All this significantly differentiates Masterskaya kamnia from other brands.

6Region-wise, what unique qualities does your brand offer, making it the primary choice for customers?

Masterskaya kamnia has a very long experience in designing and realizing technically complex products without losing the quality of the finished product. The company has a long list of realized projects, where it was necessary to think through many nuances in the process of realization.

Clients are confident in our capabilities and professionalism. Thus, the name of our company is on the ear of designers and architects not only in our city and region, but also in neighboring areas. Masterskaya kamnia actively works with clients from neighboring cities.

7Throughout the years, how do you maintain the level of class and finesse that you persistently bring to your brand’s table?

A sincere love for natural stone works wonders! Every stone is unique. When I see what nature has created, it really inspires me. I want to create with this material. And also, of course, we are helped by our partners - designers and architects, offering to realize more and more exquisite and complex projects. Thanks to all this, the brand is constantly improving.

8Congratulations! Your brand has won the iLuxury Awards this year. As the winner of the iLuxury Awards, what does it mean for you and your brand to receive this distinction?
Thank you so much!!! Me and my brand have worked hard to win the iLuxury Awards. I feel that it is both a recognition and a fitting reward for the strength and contribution that Masterskaya kamnia has made to the industry and continues to make to this day, transforming the stone working industry for the better.
9Based on your personal opinion, what is it that has allowed the iLuxury experts to bestow this grandiose accolade upon your brand?
Apparently, the iLuxury Awards experts have very good aesthetic taste - just kidding! I think they are experienced enough to understand how complex the stone working industry is. And I think we managed to impress the experts with our realized projects.
10Based on your personal judgment, what defines a product or service to be “luxurious”?

I think it is a combination of several aspects, such as the uniqueness of each product or service (literally one-of-a-kind pieces), the quality of the product's manufacturing (it has to be perfect), the beauty and style of the product, and of course, the service and quality of customer service. When all these aspects come together, a luxurious product or service is sure to result.

11Within the last decade, what distinct developments have you witnessed in your industry?

Over the last 10 years, thanks to the Internet and social networks, masters have the opportunity to share their experience and skills with each other. To create their own communities. This has given a big leap in the development of the industry as a whole. A lot of developments have appeared both among craftsmen and companies producing equipment and chemistry for stone workers.

In general, active international cooperation between companies and craftsmen is always a very good influence on the development of any industry.

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Sergey Berg

Sergey Berg is the founder and director of Masterskaya kamnia (Stone workshop) LLC, a company that specializes in processing natural stone and creating unique products. He has more than 10 years of experience and developed a method of "seamless" gluing stone. His goal is to satisfy customers' needs for exclusivity and dreams.

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