Interview With Randall Waddell From HomeWork Design Studio, Caribbean

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Randall Waddell

Randall Waddell is has always been an ardent lover of arts. From doodling and sketching interiors for fun, he is now the Principle Interior Designer of HomeWork Design Studio.

Interview with the 2021 TITAN Property Awards Winner - Randall Waddell

1Please give us a brief bio of yourself, your background, and your job profile.

My name is Randall Waddell, and I am an Interior Designer. I’ve been in this dynamic industry for many years, and I spend my days in the company of my wonderful clients and my highly skilled team of contractors and tradespeople. Essentially, I make living and work spaces functional, safe and beautiful. Sounds simple enough, right? But our profession is probably one of the most stressful. We are always under pressure to create something that is unlike anything else done before. It’s very challenging, but incredibly rewarding.

2What is your role in the company?

I am the Principal Interior Designer of HomeWork Design Studio, located in the twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

3Please tell us more about your company / organization.

HomeWork Design Studio is an award winning, full-service interior design firm. We are a proud member of the American Society of Interior Designers and HGTV’s Professional Designer Network. The studio enjoys commercial and residential new-builds and renovations and has earned a reputation for having an exceptional eye for sophisticated design and a deep commitment to outstanding personal service.

4Congratulations! As the winner of the 2021 TITAN Property Awards, what does it mean for you, your team, and your organization, to receive this distinction?

It is really exciting to win an award for one of my most favourite projects and this has brought so much pride to me and to my team. As a priority in our designs, we try to contract with local service providers, supplying local products whenever possible. This latest win is a testament to the level of quality, skill and talent that we have available to us, right here in Trinidad and Tobago.

5Could you briefly explain about the winning project / title you entered into the 2021 TITAN Property Awards, and why you chose to enter this project?

The clients for this project are young professionals, constructing their first home. We joined the project in its construction phase, and so had the opportunity to plan both the interior and exterior layout. We agreed on a transitional design scope that merged the relatively traditional architecture with a more modern interior. Cool, clean and efficient were our watchwords, with a few WOW elements included.

6What were the biggest challenges you faced with this project?

This residential neighbourhood is prone to flooding, so we incorporated raising the foundation of the home in the construction phase to avoid potential future water damage. Also, finishing the home during the Covid pandemic presented many logistical challenges, especially regarding receiving finishing products. Fortunately planning and negotiating with suppliers helped solve these issues in a timely manner.

7How has winning this award developed your practice / career?

This latest award gives our studio the opportunity share the good news with our clients, our friends, and the public via many promotional channels. It brings a significant level of recognition for the quality work we produce, and an award elevates the feeling of pride and camaraderie felt among our team members. Without every member of our team, from builders, electricians, plumbers, painters, joiners and tilers, to our finishing suppliers, there really would not be a HomeWork Design Studio.

8For Property Developer, Architect and Designer, what makes a “good” property design?

I think having an excellent rapport with your clients and your team members absolutely sets the stage for an exceptional design. Our studio places a lot of value on creatively solving challenges, and we actively listen to our clients’ wishes and adapt to their requests. We pride ourselves on a positive attitude, and always remain transparent with deadlines and workloads. All these elements together combine to build a long-lasting trust between our studio and any client. The final design comes to life from an interior designer’s mind, but it is only through the understanding of what are the clients’ true needs and wants.

9Describe your property design style and its main characteristics.

I would say it’s a blend of Transitional, Contemporary and Minimalist. I have never been the designer to mimic trends as by their nature they are fickle and the majority don’t meld with designs meant to stand the test of time. My clients invest a lot of time, energy and money into recreating their homes, and what I design for them has to serve them practically and happily for many years to come. Clean, simple, tasteful and elegant are my mantra. Having said that, I do like a bit of bling, so sometimes there’s definitely some Hollywood Glam thrown in!

10What made you / Why did you choose to become an artist / designer / real estate agent / property developer?

From ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved to doodle and sketch homes and interiors. So I always felt my life’s work would be a toss-up between Architecture and Interior Design. Inherently, I’m a creative person, and I think what drew me to Interior Design more is the flexibility you can have with your creativity. Architecture perhaps is a bit more rigid in that it’s an actual structure, so you can’t stray too much from what your client primarily wants, but with Interior Design there’s a bit more elbow room to allow you to influence your client, which translates physically into what you as the designer envisions a space to be.

11What’s your favorite kind of design and why?

You know that saying … “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”? Well, it may not be 100% true, because this career can be very stressful and don’t let anyone fool you, it’s really a lot of hard work! But honestly some weekends I’m just wishing for Monday to come, so that I can get back to being onsite at my projects. There are so many types of design – Landscape Architecture, Architecture Design, Fashion Design, Graphics Design, Lighting Design, and the list goes on, but personally my favourite, of course, is Interior Design. How I can enhance the lives of my clients is so rewarding, and there is no doubt that my work can have a profound impact on a person’s positivity and the way in which an upgraded space can set the tone of their every day.

12What led you / your organization to become successful within the industry you are currently in?

There is no easy road to success, and you don’t just wake up one day and find yourself where you wish to be in your career. It takes years and years of dedicated hard work, and I have never shied away from giving each and every one of my projects everything I’ve got. Over the years, our firm has evolved, and in this profession, teamwork is everything, and I truly believe that I have the very best in our local design industry as members of my team. And I have to tip my hat to the social media platforms as well. I launched HomeWork Design Studio on a Friday afternoon on Facebook, and by the Monday morning I had my first signed contract. I’m not sure that could have happened using traditional forms of media. Since then I’ve always shared my work on Facebook as well as Instagram, and these have been the mainstay of promoting our current and past projects and building a following of people who respect, admire and share our work.

13What makes your country specifically unique in the design industry?

Trinidad and Tobago is possibly the most cosmopolitan of all the Caribbean islands. We are the region’s melting pot of cultures, with a blend of influence from African, Indian, Asian, European, Amerindian, Arab, and Latin American cultures. Our culture – our language, religions, festivals, art forms, values, customs, sports and other forms of self-expression – is a dynamic one. This spirited culture is absolutely reflected in our architecture and spatial design as well.

14Do you think your country and its cultural heritage had an impact on your design process?

Yes, absolutely. Because our country is so incredibly cosmopolitan, each client’s history is almost assuredly going to be unique, and it’s always exciting, interesting and sometimes challenging to include their culture into my designs. But the essence of each home is paramount, and it’s my priority to ensure that every project reflects the character and soul of the owner.

15How has the country, you are based in, helped move your industry forward?

Our country’s economy has long been based on the oil and gas industry, and this has been the primary focus of our government for many years. But as this industry has shrunk recently, there has been a drive to diversify our economy, and this has resulted in the surfacing of the skills and talent of a wide variety of tradespersons. Our country is anchored in creativity, as can be seen with our annual Carnival – often described as the Greatest Show on Earth. This growing base of expertise will ensure that we continue to offer a range of choice and diversity in our designs.

16Who has inspired you in your life, and why?

My Dad. I lost him unexpectedly when I was just 17. The memories blur over the years, but what I remember distinctly though, is that he had a passion and ambition for his work, but equally so, he had a deep love for his family and relished spending time with us. His memory has always motivated me to serve both my family and work to the best of my abilities. I share an equal passion and love for both, and I do believe I have managed to strike a happy work/life balance which has both grounded and fulfilled me.

17What is your key to success? Any parting words of wisdom?

I keep my word! If I say I’m going to do something, then I do it and if I can’t complete the task as promised, then I explain why, and we adjust the task at hand with a new goal or deadline. Keeping your word builds your customer’s trust in you and grows their respect for the work that you are doing for them.

18Do you have anything else, which we haven’t covered, that you would like to include in this interview?

Just to say, it has been an honour to have been a recipient of the 2021 TITAN Property Awards. I know what winning such a prestigious award means, and I hope to be able to continue showcasing the best of Trinidad and Tobago on an international level.

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Randall Waddell

Randall Waddell is has always been an ardent lover of arts. From doodling and sketching interiors for fun, he is now the Principle Interior Designer of HomeWork Design Studio.