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Lilian Santini

Lilian Santini is the founder of The Copper Portico who dives deep into the cultural and core aspects of every design she makes!

Interview with the 2022 NYX Marcom Awards Winner -
Lilian Santini

1Please give us a brief bio of yourself and your background.

My name is Lilian Santini and I was born in a small town in Brazil where I cultivated a love for languages. In addition to my native Brazilian Portuguese, I became fluent in English and Spanish. It was the gift of language that enabled me to move to New York City in 2004, where I launched my career working with educational and cultural institutions. It sparked a life-long passion for mission-driven organizations in me that continues today.

2What led you to become a marketing communication professional?

I moved to Miami in 2015. I was ready to start something new and founded The Copper Portico with a vision rooted in collaboration and invested in my clients' success.

Branding and Design have been always important to me - I love that moment in the creative process when we know we have translated our clients' vision into a physical representation that will make them proud.

3What is your role in the agency, and what traits should a marketing communications professional possess to be successful in their role?

After 10+ years of helping entrepreneurs and world-renowned companies create dynamic visual brands, I have the pleasure of leading work that is rooted in authenticity, relationships, and one–of-a-kind aesthetics. I'm the Creative Director of The Copper Portico and love getting to know my clients personally. No project is delivered without my input and I make sure that my clients see themselves on the brand we build together.

4Tell us more about your agency / company.

The Copper Portico is about creating gorgeous brands for those bringing good to the world. We love working with companies that are aware of their impact and striving to make their communities better.

As for the name, a portico is the supportive structure that leads to a door. For us, it symbolizes the collaborative creative process we guide our clients through. Copper is the mineral of Brazil, where I was born, and it is used to craft pieces that provide a container for culture, traditions, stories and memories.

The Copper Portico represents our company’s heritage and the shared creative journey that brings forth new realms of possibilities.

5Tell us more about your ideation process.

Our process starts with a foundational deep-dive, understanding our clients' story, motivation, and uniqueness - so that we can shed light on that special value they are creating in their communities.

Beyond a new logo or business card, this work leaves our clients rooted in a purpose - a vision of their place in the world.

6Congratulations! As the winner of the NYX Marcom Awards, what does it mean for you and your team to receive this distinction?

Winning the NYX Marcom Awards is humbling and shows us that we're accomplishing our goal of bringing a joyful and inspired approach to design.

7 How has winning an international award help to promote your agency and works?

This award adds to the credibility we've been building for the agency throughout the years.

Winning Entries

Climate Change Observatory Network Logo Design | 2022

Lilian Santini

Climate Change Observatory Network (CCO) is an organization based in Maine that engages, educates and invites all people to appreciate the environment and help protect, nurture and care for our land and water. In the face of climate change and its impact on our communities, we were proud to work on this project and design a logo that embodies their mission and vision.
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Lilian Santini

Lilian Santini is the founder of The Copper Portico who dives deep into the cultural and core aspects of every design she makes!

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