Interview with Dirk Vrints from Belgium

The Exalted Grand Jury Panel of the 2023 iLuxury Awards
June 23, 2023
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June 26, 2023

Dirk Vrints

Dirk Vrints first honed his craft in jewelry design at the Royal Academy of Antwerp and is now a successful jewel designer and professor!

Interview With The 2023 iLuxury Awards Winner - Dirk Vrints

1Please provide us with a brief introduction about yourself and your professional background.

I studied jewelry design at the Royal Academy of Antwerp in the years 1976-1980.

From 1980 to, 1981 an extra year at the Instituto Statale d'Arte a Firenze.

From 1981 to 1983 Fashion design at the Academy in Berchem.

I am working as a jewel designer and I am a professor in jewel design!

2When did you, and what drove you to, establish this particular brand?
G.s.One was first of all created as a small gift to my clients, as an attention of their years loyalty when they visited my last jewel exhibition in 2022.
3Please enlighten us with your brand’s background and inspiration?
The reason of creation was a personal feeling that fine dining appetizers don't get the full attention of their creators, they disappear too fast in the mouth without triggering all the senses in advance.
4Whom are your brand’s target audiences?
All the occasions where fine dining appetizers are served, receptions, walking dinners, home party's and etc.
5What exalting innovations has your brand brought to the industry and what makes it differ from your competitors’ innovations?
The jewel look, it is an all size fitting ring that can be used as a snack holder at the same time. Exclusive, one size fits all, not comparable with anything else.
6. Region-wise, what unique qualities does your brand offer, making it the primary choice for customers?

It is innovative in the horeca (hotel, restaurants and catering) world.

Can be executed in different materials, gold and diamonds, silver, RVS, ABS, Japanese lacquer and made in different colours.

7Throughout the years, how do you maintain the level of class and finesse that you persistently bring to your brand’s table?

A great designer can think out of the box, crosses borders and is original in his creations.

Three things: function, construction, shape are relevant for a good design. A good design is timeless and makes the world more pretty and a better place to live. Designing without limitations and for those who understand them without need to change and interfere.

8Congratulations! Your brand has won the iLuxury Awards this year. As the winner of the iLuxury Awards, what does it mean for you and your brand to receive this distinction?
A step towards, hopefully, bringing it on the market, introducing it in the international field of the horeca (hotel, restaurant and catering) for high end exclusive use.
9Based on your personal opinion, what is it that has allowed the iLuxury experts to bestow this grandiose accolade upon your brand?
An innovative, unique design, a ring hand jewel that has the functionality of a snack holder with a meaningful, strong story of creation behind it .
10Based on your personal judgment, what defines a product or service to be “luxurious”?
An innovative, unique design. The perfect combination of the design and the precious metals as gold, with diamonds, silver, in which it has been executed, which makes it very exclusive for high end use.
11Within the last decade, what distinct developments have you witnessed in your industry?
The innovative use of 3 design and 3D-printing creates new opportunities in the field of jewel making.

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Dirk Vrints

Dirk Vrints first honed his craft in jewelry design at the Royal Academy of Antwerp and is now a successful jewel designer and professor!

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