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Danial Siddiki

Danial Siddiki is a founding product designer at Truv, a B2B fintech startup. With five years of experience designing consumer apps and enterprise-level B2B products, he has collaborated with major banks, Telegram, and startups.

Interview with the 2023 MUSE Creative Awards Winner -
Danial Siddiki

1Please give us a brief bio of yourself and your creative background.
I'm a product Designer with 5 years of experience designing consumer apps and enterprise-level B2B products. I had a chance to work with the most prominent banks, Telegram, and startups. Now, I work at a fintech startup, based in Miami, Florida!
2What made you become/why did you choose to become a creative?
I started creating apps as an iOS software engineer. Soon, I realized that my favorite part of app creation is design so I started to focus on designing interfaces in Adobe Photoshop. I later found my first job at a design agency, Cuberto, and then worked as a product designer in a B2C education company.
3Tell us more about your business/company, job profile, and what you do.

I'm a founding product designer at Truv, a B2B fintech startup. Since joining I've been working on making income and employment verifications easier for consumers via payroll providers. This experience helped me to design in new fields working closely with customers. Also, I made a design system that helps Truv designers create consistent designs across all products!

4What does “creativity” mean to you?
Creativity for me is the skill of going beyond the limits by creating innovative things that will be used by people and keeping in mind of technical limitations.
5To you, what makes a “creative” idea and/or design?
I consider design to be truly creative when the creator introduces a novel and unique creation that diverges from anything seen or experienced before.
6Tell us about your creative and/or design process.

I use the double diamond principle to make the design process more rigorous. The process starts with understanding the current state of the problem by conducting user interviews, surveys, and researching competitors. Then, I accumulate the information gathered to define personas and build a customer journey map to align with stakeholders.

Once the main scope was defined, I began wire-framing, iterating, and designing the final solution. The final design includes the ecosystem design system, syncing with engineers and stakeholders.

7What's your favorite part of the creative process and why?
My favorite part of the creative process is designing the final visuals as this is what people will see: simple and elegant design with a lot of work behind the scene.
8Describe your creative style and its main characteristics.
My creative approach is characterized by a blend of minimalism, data-driven decision-making, and the art of capturing emotions.
9Do you think your country and its cultural heritage has an impact on your creativity process?
Certainly, I believe the standard of visual design in my country is notably high. Many software products were developed after models from other countries, enabling entrepreneurs to learn from those experiences and avoid repeating similar mistakes.
10Congratulations! As the winner of the 2023 MUSE Creative Awards, what does it mean to you and your company and team to receive this award distinction?
Winning the 2023 MUSE Creative Awards is highly significant to me because it validates the quality of my work, as determined by the MUSE jurors!
11Can you explain a bit about the winning work you entered into the 2023 MUSE Creative Awards, and why you chose to enter this project?
I chose to pursue the design of a Weather Health startup with the goal of revolutionizing the weather industry through personalized weather forecasts. My strong belief in this approach motivated me to dedicate my best efforts to translating this idea into design.
12What was the biggest challenge with this project?
The biggest challenge is to design an experience that people would love and prefer more than tons of other weather apps. To achieve good UX and UI, I did a lot of research across health, wellness, and weather apps to determine the best solution.
13How has winning an Award developed your practice/career?
Winning awards always has a positive impact on my career by providing recognition, validation, motivation, and opportunities for growth and advancement.
14What are your top three (3) favorite things about our industry?

- There are innovations happening in the technology industry each year.

- High level of creativity in the technology industry makes it more interesting to work.

- The technology industry is still a pretty fresh industry where a lot of things won't made yet. More to come.

15What makes your country specifically, unique in the creative industry?
The design standards within my country's fintech industry are impressively high, setting a noteworthy example that inspires entrepreneurs and designers worldwide.
16Where do you see the evolution of creative industry going over the next 5-10 years?
I believe that in the next 10 years, more designers will focus on designing in AI and AR fields.
17If you were a student entering this industry or an aspiring MUSE Creative Awards submitter, what advice would you give them?
Be creative and precise in the details!
18Tell us something you have never told anyone else.
Creativity gives you more dopamine than anything else.
19Who has inspired you in your life and why?
I'd say Steve Jobs and John Ive as they showed that complex things should not be that complex.
20What is your key to success? Any parting words of wisdom?
Work hard, play hard.

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Danial Siddiki

Danial Siddiki is a founding product designer at Truv, a B2B fintech startup. With five years of experience designing consumer apps and enterprise-level B2B products, he has collaborated with major banks, Telegram, and startups.

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