Interview With Craig Bill From United States

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Craig Bill

Craig Bill won 3 Platinum and a Gold in the MUSE Photography Awards. After seeing his captivating and alluring images, it is to no surprise that he received such accolades!

Interview with the 2021 MUSE Photography Awards Winner - Craig Bill

1Can you introduce yourself and talk about how you got into photography?

I'm Craig Bill, a biologist and a photographer residing in Austin, Texas. The introduction of a little "110" camera from my mother. She gave me this super-used, old film camera and taught me how to load it with film. From there, it was all experimentation. Later on, I was able to try one of the first digital cameras: the Casio QV10 that produced very crazy low-resolution images - but was a total marvel to me. I completely wore that camera out. Throughout my life, I've used images to construct words. I've always felt at home artistically among nature. Influential family and friends during my youth vastly encouraged my passion for natural world exploration, travel, soul-searching, and beauty. one that has continued to elevate my sense of conservation and love for photography overall through the years.

2Where did you study photography?

I am a self-taught photographer. I started studying photography by myself at such a young age, out of curiosity. Then when I got into my 30's, I did some modeling and became even more interested in photography as a business pursuit. Recently, I finished my Master Photographer of Fine Art from MPIO.

3Do you remember your first shot? What was it?

So funny...yes! It was my white ferret on the white sand dunes of White Sands National Park with a sun flare.

4What equipment do you use?

I have always used the Sony's flagship cameras with a variety of lenses.

5What do you hope to achieve?

I hope to achieve a body of work over my life that not only is of merit but uniquely creative which I call Shots of a Lifetime. I hope that this will inspire more people to reach into the world of photography.

6What compliment inspired/touched you the most?

Getting a call from one of the top photographers in the world of landscape photography.

7What inspires your unique storytelling?

What always inspires my creative and unique storytelling is purely the interaction of other people - seeing there excitement and wonder about the world around them that they were not aware of.

8What THREE (3) words describe your photography style?

Creative, Impactful, Discovery

9Congratulations! As the winner of the MUSE Photography Awards, what does it mean for you and your team to receive this distinction?

Thank you, these awards mean so much to me. These awards also help let me know that I am in the right direction for impactful world-class images.

10Can you explain a bit about the winning work you entered into the 2021 MUSE Photography Awards, and why you chose to enter this project?

Most of the photographs that won this year's award consist of highly technical images, and the process involved hundreds of exposure to achieve the final result. Each photograph is an entire project in itself.

11How has winning an award developed your career?

Reaching for a higher personal standard with images that require more complicated approaches is often rewarded with an award of some kind. It's also a way to break out of the usual photography everywhere. And winning images guaranteed me that they are unique and hard to emulate.

12Name 1-3 photographers who have inspired you.

Some photographers that have inspired me are Marc Adamus, Lincoln Harrison, Ansel Adams, Galen Rowel, which are a few that come to mind.

13What was the best piece of advice you were given starting out, by a mentor or your role model?

Some great advice given to me early on by several mentors was that I would be successful in taking more exposures from different angles. And to make way more than you think you need because often you find the winning one composed differently than you initially imagined.

14 What advice would you give someone who would like to become a photographer today?

You may use the camera as a visual diary for beginners. This will give you plentiful reasons to shoot and become comfortable with many creative and technical aspects of photography.

15What is your key to success? Any parting words of wisdom?

I believe most of my success is creative uniqueness and not being defined by only one style of photography. It will help you grow as an artist and expose your content to various people to experience your work.

16 How do you stay in that space of being receptive to new information and knowledge?

I join many groups and organizations that showcase new advances in equipment, theory, and process.

17Which THREE (3) friends/peers would you nominate to participate in the next MUSE Photography Awards?

Definitely the aforementioned inspired photographers of mine above.

18Which THREE (3) peers, within the photography industry, would you nominate to be a judge in the next MUSE Photography Awards? (You may include yourself within, and please include the email addresses)

Abe Blair -

Michael Shainblum -

19Anything else you would like to add to the interview?

Thank you to all the people at MUSE. I'm not sure who you are, but I will find out soon!

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Interview With Craig Bill From United States

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Craig Bill

Craig Bill won 3 Platinum and a Gold in the MUSE Photography Awards. After seeing his captivating and alluring images, it is to no surprise that he received such accolades!