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Chiung Hui Fu

With 31 years of experience, Chiung Hui Fu, the founder of Yuli Design, possesses a substantial portfolio and background in interior design, interior decoration, and architectural exterior design.

Interview With The 2023 iLuxury Awards Winner - Chiung Hui Fu

1Please provide us with a brief introduction about yourself and your professional background.

I am Chiung Hui Fu, the founder of Yuli Design. My experience ranges over varied professions to esteemed universities, including: Chung Yuan Christian University Interior Design Graduate School, Chelsea College of Arts Interior Design Advanced Studies, Taipei Tech Generate Education Center, Department of Apparel Design and Management, TSINGDA ENVIRONMENT ART - Soft Outfit Lecturer, Guangzhou Designerweek - Soft Outfit Lecturer and MT SCHOOL OF DESIGN - Soft Outfit Lecturer.

My expertise lies in interior design, interior decoration and architectural exterior design. Aiming to satisfy clients' aesthetic preferences and spiritual ideas to meet their customized needs. The creative process I pursue is akin to an improvisational art, ensuring both practical functionality and meeting the highest standards and demands.

Beauty is a battle that starts from scratch, from architecture to interior spaces, from conceptualizing design to its realization, from material planning to construction, from resource integration to project management and supervision. It further extends to the confirmation of styles and the display of decorations resulting in a magnificent and splendid presentation.

2When did you, and what drove you to, establish this particular brand?

Initially, I started my journey in the field of interior design by working at Taipei Warhol Interior Design. Subsequently, in 1995, I founded Tainan DESIGN CO., LTD. After the successful establishment of that venture, I went on to establish Tainan Yuli Interior Design in 2005. Then, in 2021, I ventured into founding Holy Architectural Design and Taichung Yuli Interior Design.

I have 31 years of experience in designing, focusing on tailored designs that prioritize comfort. I advocate for logical planning before renovation, aiming to minimize the waste created by excessive renovation and promoting green energy standards. To achieve this, I have decided to further my education in architecture, in order to provide more comprehensive creative design services, and enhance my design management capabilities to keep the pace with the ever-changing times in my career.

I acquired architectural design credits at the Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London while also taking design-related management courses to refine my professional management skills, thus, the "Yuli International Design," founded by me, can be empowered to keep up with international trends in the rapidly evolving design industry.

3Please enlighten us with your brand’s background and inspiration?
Humans devote ourselves to create spaces exhibiting various expressions according to people, events, times, places and objects. In our portfolios, different appearances and features are displayed; different living habits, preferences and tastes of different owners are shown. Instead of duplicating trend beauty, our team, a group of keen and considerate observers, creates more possibilities to the space through various design techniques, so the rationality and sensibility of the space can be visualized.
4Whom are your brand’s target audiences?
Like modern style, country style, neo-classical style, luxury style...All those who like multi-customized cross-field styles and have self-adherence to space aesthetics.
5What exalting innovations has your brand brought to the industry and what makes it differ from your competitors’ innovations?

Firstly, besides embracing the concept of "more is more," I am also devoted to achieving "less is more." I fearlessly challenge the ever-changing styles and imaginations people have about spaces; daring to break free from conventional boundaries and exploring various possibilities. This allows me to cultivate my own creative thinking, and I approach each project with this passion to realize my clients' dreams.

Secondly, I strive to create "interior designs that require no renovation," aiming to reduce the consumption of natural resources. This is my goal and vision and I am continuously working towards realizing this vision with great confidence.

6Region-wise, what unique qualities does your brand offer, making it the primary choice for customers?

Everyone appreciates beautiful things but combining aesthetics with practicality has always been my principle since the beginning of my career. From past to present, I emphasize the presentation of decorative elements in my designs, while also considering functionality and reducing environmental impact.

My work must achieve the ideal state of balancing aesthetics where both the visual and soft elements reach a consistent level of excellence. I believe this is precisely what my clients need and the reason they consider me as their first-choice designer.

7Throughout the years, how do you maintain the level of class and finesse that you persistently bring to your brand’s table?

My life is hectic with projects, team management, speeches and competitions. I see these activities as opportunities for growth especially when engaging in various cultural competitions from different countries. It exposes me to a broader design perspective and allows me to internalize more design inspiration.

As we admire the beauty of the world on paper, screens, or during our travels, we also encounter various design wisdom embedded in it. Regularly participating in award ceremonies, exchange programs or design events can broaden our horizons.

I enjoy visiting exhibitions in different countries, admiring architectural marvels, and deepening my unique understanding of design. I am committed to bringing my ideas to life, creating my own design style.

8From a developmental aspect, what projections, and electrifying agendas, have been made regarding your brand’s future (those of which can be disclosed)?

Improving the working environment for women designers has always been my personal ideal. Through the aesthetic-related lectures and events I share, I constantly exchange my beliefs with the new generation of designers, firmly believing that workplace friendliness for women designers will improve as the world becomes more inclusive.

Friendly and positively sharing my aesthetic perspectives and design expertise not only enhanced my company's brand value but also helped to create a positive image that sets me apart in the market. In the modern world of advanced, interconnected technological information, design communication is no longer confined to physical social settings which allows for instant access to interactive information. As trends continue to evolve, creative inspiration can be easily acquired, which enables me to be more flexible in my creative endeavors.

Furthermore, in the future, Yuli International Design will donate a portion of its profits to support the socially disadvantaged, as a gesture of gratitude for every opportunity that has led Yuli International Design towards success.

9Congratulations! Your brand has won the iLuxury Awards this year. As the winner of the iLuxury Awards, what does it mean for you and your brand to receive this distinction?
Receiving this honor provides compelling affirmation of our status as a premier luxury design firm. It underscores our consistent delivery of exceptional craftsmanship and innovation in the world of luxury design.
10Based on your personal opinion, what is it that has allowed the iLuxury experts to bestow this grandiose accolade upon your brand?
Thank you, iLuxury Awards for recognizing Yuli International Design’s unique creativity and integration capabilities. Being bestowed with such an honor is a validation for both me and my team.
11Based on your personal judgment, what defines a product or service to be “luxurious”?
In the pursuit of an amazing and extraordinary life; I believe that both visually and spiritually, we desire to indulge in more sophisticated sensory experiences. Feeling the refinement and perfection in everyday life enriches the soul through beauty which is why learning to "live life" is the true luxury.
12Within the last decade, what distinct developments have you witnessed in your industry?
While the minimalist style "less is more" has already become a mainstream trend, the heavily decorated design market still embraces the long-standing "more is more" approach which is favored by a portion of the population that’s seeking luxurious, prestigious, and uniquely decorative products and services. Such refined demand continue to develop and show no signs of decline within the industry.

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Chiung Hui Fu

With 31 years of experience, Chiung Hui Fu, the founder of Yuli Design, possesses a substantial portfolio and background in interior design, interior decoration, and architectural exterior design.

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