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Beth Cooper

Beth Cooper, a photographer and the Vice President of Marketing and Sales at KNB Communications, a prominent healthcare marketing and PR agency, has cherished over 20 years of professional experience. She derives her income from her creative skills and holds a deep passion for her work.

Interview with the 2023 MUSE Creative Awards Winner -
Beth Cooper

1Please give us a brief bio of yourself and your creative background.
I’m a photographer and also the Vice President of Marketing and Sales at KNB Communications, the top 10 healthcare marketing and PR agency. I have over 20 years of professional experience where I get paid for being creative! I love it!
2What made you become/why did you choose to become a creative?
I have always been drawn to the arts and the power of visual communication. I chose to become a creative because it allows me to express myself and make a positive impact on people's lives through my work.
3Tell us more about your business/company, job profile, and what you do.

I am the Vice President of Marketing and Sales at KNB Communications which is the top 10 boutique healthcare marketing and PR agency (according to Healthcare Business News, 2023).

Our multi-award winning full-service healthcare firm focuses on creating brand visibility, building thought leadership and generating business for our valued healthcare clients via custom, metrics-driven programs.

4What does “creativity” mean to you?
To me, creativity is not WHAT you think but HOW you think. It’s the ability to explore new ideas fearlessly and to find innovative solutions to problems. It's a way to connect with others and express our thoughts and emotions through various media.
5To you, what makes a “creative” idea and/or design?
A creative idea or design is one that is fresh, unique, and thought-provoking. It challenges conventional thinking and pushes boundaries while effectively communicating its message.
6Tell us about your creative and/or design process.

My creative process starts with research. There’s three things I need to know before I start ideating: WHO I am talking to, WHAT I want to convey, and WHERE I will reach them. After understanding my client's goals and vision, I then brainstorm with my team.

It’s imperative you have a team that is diverse yet meshes well together. We prune ideas before deciding on the top choice, create sketches, and refine them through multiple iterations until the final design is polished and visually impactful.

7What's your favorite part of the creative process and why?
My favorite part of the creative process is the conceptualization stage, it is where I get to explore different ideas and possibilities. It's exciting to see how concepts evolve and come to life as the project progresses.
8Describe your creative style and its main characteristics.
My creative style makes eyes happy! I gravitate towards design elements that human brains are hard-wired to enjoy, like reflective symmetry and leading lines.
9Do you think your country and its cultural heritage has an impact on your creativity process?
I actually think my personal experience of moving around the world has had the greatest impact on my creative process. It expanded my world view and blurred the lines between ‘what is done’ and ‘what is possible”. I have traveled to over 60 countries and have lived for over a year in 4 different countries. I view cultural norms through a different lens now, and I’m able to step outside of them more easily.
10Congratulations! As the winner of the 2023 MUSE Creative Awards, what does it mean to you and your company and team to receive this award distinction?

Winning the 2023 MUSE Creative Award is an incredible honor for me and my team. We focus on healthcare, which is not the first field one often thinks of in terms of artistic creativity. Our view is that medical marketing can and should be just as visually compelling as other industries.

This award validates our hard work and dedication to producing high-quality, innovative designs, and motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries of creativity in the healthcare space.

11Can you explain a bit about the winning work you entered into the 2023 MUSE Creative Awards, and why you chose to enter this project?
The work we entered was a campaign that married the high touch / high tech aspects of healthcare. Titled ‘Humans of Healthcare’, the creatives were generated with an artificial intelligence platform. We chose to enter this project because it reflects our commitment to innovation and showcases our ability to create a visually striking yet meaningful design.
12What was the biggest challenge with this project?
The hardest part of this project was staying on brand and maintaining continuity between the images. The tech we leveraged was brand new and we had to learn to write prompts that would achieve the effect we were going for, while staying true to the brand colors and style.
13How has winning an Award developed your practice/career?
Winning the award has elevated our reputation in the industry and opened up new opportunities for collaboration and growth. It has also inspired us to continue pushing ourselves creatively and professionally.
14What are your top three (3) favorite things about our industry?
My top three favorite things about the industry are the endless opportunities for creative expression, the ability to impact people's lives through design, and the sense of community among creative professionals.
15What makes your country specifically, unique in the creative industry?
The United States seem to be open to possibilities. The country after all is known for pushing boundaries. These values are very useful in a creative environment.
16Where do you see the evolution of creative industry going over the next 5-10 years?
Technology will continue to play a significant role in shaping the way we create and consume content. I'm a huge proponent of AI and I absolutely see the creative industry moving strongly in this direction. It's cost-effective and time-efficient, and produces visually stunning art.
17If you were a student entering this industry or an aspiring MUSE Creative Awards submitter, what advice would you give them?
Focus on impact. Creatives in the business world are valued on the results they are able to produce. Track KPI's and include them in your submission package.
18What resources would you recommend to someone who wants to improve their skills in the creative industry?
There are a tremendous amount of resources for free on the world wide web. I would say first recognize your personal learning style. I'm a visual person and prefer reading articles and following accounts on social media platforms. Other people I know love watching YouTube videos; some swear by in-person meetups. The main thing is to absolutely immerse yourself in communities that share your passion. You will propel each other's knowledge forward.
19Tell us something you have never told anyone else.
I won’t say who it was, but I once bought a friend’s piece from a gallery showing anonymously. The thought that a complete stranger purchased their art gave them so much pride and confidence. I’d do it again!
20Who has inspired you in your life and why?
I have been incredibly fortunate to have a strong support network from my earliest days. My parents bought me my first camera at the age of 10. I’ve had bosses over the years who have taken me under their wing and mentored me, and I’ve surrounded myself with friends who inspire me with not only their creativity, but also their drive.
21What is your key to success? Any parting words of wisdom?
My key to success is persistence, balancing staying true to my vision with being open to others’ ideas, and continuously learning and adapting to new trends and technologies. Parting words of wisdom: Believe in your creative abilities, build up your team, and always be open to growth and collaboration.
22Do you have anything else you would like to add to the interview?
Thank you so much for the opportunity!

Winning Entry

Humans of Healthcare - Revolutionary AI Online Ad Campaign | 2023


Beth Cooper

Beth Cooper, a photographer and the Vice President of Marketing and Sales at KNB Communications, a prominent healthcare marketing and PR agency, has cherished over 20 years of professional experience. She derives her income from her creative skills and holds a deep passion for her work.

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