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June 16, 2022
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June 17, 2022

Antonio Peinado

Antonio Peinado draws inspiration from the people around him, giving the world a different perspective.

Interview With The 2022 MUSE Photography Awards Gold Winner – Antonio Peinado

1Can you introduce yourself and talk about how you got into photography?

I am Antonio Peinado, a photographer specialized in Portraits and Nudes. I like to interpret the world that surrounds me through my eyes as I feel it, with my own gaze and with the feelings that the flow of life provokes in me.

I have been interested in photography since I was very young and I have always been interested in expressing feelings instead of a cold and aseptic vision of the world around me.

2Where did you study photography?
I have been interested in photography since I was a child and I’m self-taught by reading photography books and experimenting, things that I still do today. First photography was a hobby and later, almost 20 years ago, it became my profession. Now I also attend various workshops, conferences and training events that interest me to continue training continuously.
3Do you remember your first shot? What was it?
I remember my first contact with photography when I was a child, although seen it with the fog of childhood and time that has passed. My first photographs were about my family and about the games with my brothers and my childhood friends.
4What equipment do you use?

I really choose the photographic equipment depending on the project I am doing, whether it is analog or digital, or a mixture of both. There are also cameras that put me in different moods and that makes me perceive my subject in a special way: sometimes that is what determines my choice of one or another camera.

My favorite rigs are my Hasselblad 503cw and my 8x10” backed Sinar P2. With them I get some wonderful black and white negatives.

5What do you hope to achieve?
I try to create images that continue to move me and, if possible, that move the viewer.
6What compliment inspired/touched you the most?
The compliment that moved me the most was that of a photographer who attended a conference I gave for the UNED (Distance Education University) and in which I also showed some of my photographic work. This woman told me that my work had excited and moved her and even changed her perception of photography and her way of interpreting it.
7What inspires your unique storytelling?
My two main sources of inspiration are, on the one hand, the love I feel for my family and that my family feels for me too and, on the other hand, the world around me, what I like and what I dislike. I actually think that what inspires me is the experience of living.
8What THREE (3) words describe your photography style?
Emotional, Elegant, Sincere
9Congratulations! As the winner of the MUSE Photography Awards, what does it mean for you and your team to receive this distinction?
Thanks! Having won this recognition is a great support to my career since it increases the diffusion and visibility of my work and presents me as a photographer of recognized prestige.
10Can you explain a bit about the winning work you entered into the 2022 MUSE Photography Awards, and why you chose to enter this project?

Both projects, Synaesthesia and WoMoon, talk about Women, praise and value their contribution to our society. My wife is an example for me because of her values and her strength and her way of being is a great source of inspiration for me.

Synaesthesia talks about how we can confuse the perception of the presence of women and the different roles they play in our societies. The following text accompanies the series.

“Synaesthesia… what a curious word to indicate how the senses overlap in certain people.

That itchy tongue when I see a gear or the smell of tea when I see some kind of hat, the gentle smell of lavender when I hear her voice, that tingling that I feel when I see the face of a bride while my mouth is filled with the taste of honey and, why not to say it, the golden purple color of a woman's silhouette ...

Series of portraits made in wet metal plate collodion.

The Goddess of the Biomechanics (Synaesthesia I)

She Fortune Teller (Synaesthesia II)

Bride Widow (Synaesthesia III)

She the Pocketpicker (Synaesthesia IV)

The Tribal Sorceress (Synaesthesia V)”

WoMoon conceived it as a tribute to Women when the 50th anniversary of the arrival of Man on the Moon was approaching.

“Since the appearance of the human being, the Woman has been closely linked to the Moon. For more than 300,000 years (315,000) humanity has lived according to the dictates of the Moon, a symbol of rebirth, life and evolution.

Woman Speaks-Sings-Lives the language of the moon.

Man has visited the moon. 50 years ago that feat occurred for humanity.

Women and the Moon have been united for hundreds of thousands of years. This is the true feat of humanity.”

11How has winning an award developed your career?
Every time I have received recognition, it has served to encourage me to continue working hard on my projects. The recognitions have served as an incentive for me.
12Name 1-3 photographers who have inspired you.
It is very difficult to focus only on three photographers, but if I have to choose, at the moment they are: Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon, Gregory Colbert
13What was the best piece of advice you were given starting out, by a mentor or your role model?
They advised me to bet on continuous training and work, and that in difficult times I should believe in myself and not get discouraged.
14What advice would you give someone who would like to become a photographer today?
My advice is that, having a basic technical knowledge, observe all the artistic manifestations that you can, observe the world around you and then look within yourself for everything you have to say.
15What is your key to success? Any parting words of wisdom?
From my point of view, the key is to work hard, love my work and be authentic with myself.
16How do you stay in that space of being receptive to new information and knowledge?
I always remain receptive in those aspects. As we have different experiences we change, and that change along with our memory is what defines us.

Winning Entry

Synaesthesia | 2022


Synaesthesia… what a curious word to indicate how the senses overlap in certain people. That itchy tongue when I see a gear or the smell of …
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Antonio Peinado

Antonio Peinado draws inspiration from the people around him, giving the world a different perspective.

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