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Alessandro Carboni

An aspiring landscape and nature photographer, Alessandro Carboni escapes urbanized areas in search for untouched and uncontaminated places to photograph wondrous sceneries.

Interview With The 2023 MUSE Photography's Photographer of the Year – Alessandro Carboni

1Can you introduce yourself and talk about how you got into photography?

My name is Alessandro Carboni and I’m landscape and nature photographer. My photographs have been awarded in prestigious international nature photography competitions.

I was born in Sardinia, grew up and still live there; Sardinia is still my primary inspiration. I took my first steps in the dark room in the 90s but I began to focus my attention on landscape photography in 2009. Shortly after, I then graduated in business administration but I always had an eye on the nature of my wild and fascinating island of Sardinia.

I escape most urbanized areas in search for uncontaminated places. I’m convinced that the development of an idea through the realization of a project is the most powerful way to convey my vision and emotions. Currently, my most important project is “Wild Sardinia” where I tell a story of natural landscapes, the seasons and the light of this special island.

2Where did you study photography?
I am a self-taught photographer! Books and internet sharing did the rest.
3Do you remember your first shot? What was it?
It was a photo taken of a seascape on a full moon evening. Like all the first photos, it has now ended up in a basket of memories but I will never forget the emotions I experienced while wandering with the camera along the south coast of Sardinia.
4What equipment do you use?
I use a professional Sony camera bodies and lenses, Leofoto tripod, Haida Filters; my reference store is Photofuture.
5What compliment inspired/touched you the most?
Getting to people's hearts and souls is all I can ask for, truthfully.
6What inspires your unique storytelling?

I answer this question by telling you about my two current projects:

- WildSardinia, the first one, at the end of which an exhibition and the publication of a book are planned. This project has the ambition to tell the landscape of the hinterland of the island where I live during the passing of the 4 seasons, from the smallest detail to the widest landscapes. Having the opportunity to live it day by day, all of this becomes possible.

- The second project, on the other hand, developed at the antipodes of where I live, it is Alaska, nine hours of time zone separate from Sardinia. An immense and wild territory, difficult to reach and traverse. Soon, I will leave for my fourth mission dedicated to autumn and I will try again to tell the story of "The Last Frontier".

Having said that, it happens sometimes that an alternative trip in search of new inspirations and emotions takes place, for example I recently went to two places that surprised and excited me: the Etna park in Sicily, and the West coast of Ireland.

7What THREE (3) words describe your photography style?
Creativity, interaction and curiosity.
8Congratulations! As the winner of the MUSE Photography Awards, what does it mean for you and your team to receive this distinction?
Thank you! Becoming the "MUSE Professional Photographer of the Year 2023" is a great feeling. It is a moment of bountiful media sharing which often leads to excellent contacts. For me and for my team, it will be a great incentive for the realization of current and future projects.
9Can you explain a bit about the winning work you entered into the 2023 MUSE Photography Awards, and why you chose to enter this project?

Lakes, ponds, lagoons, marshes, resurgences and peat bogs (wetlands) were once much more widespread than today and currently remain as residual environments after the profound transformation processes that have affected the entire planet especially in industrialized and more populous countries.

Northern Iceland's Goðafoss waterfall has officially been granted protected status. Designating it as a protected natural site will allow not only greater preservation of the geological formations around the waterfall but also the protection of the waterfall itself and its source river, Skjálfandafljót. This image of Goðafoss is meant to celebrate the grandeur of nature and scream to the world that time is running out and there are no planet B.

10How has winning an award developed your career?
Winning the "MUSE Professional Photographer of the Year 2023" is a source of great personal motivation.
11Name 1-3 photographers who have inspired you.
The photographers who inspire me the most are my fellow photographers with whom I compare myself every day (now among my closest friends). Through this comparison, passion is fueled, problems find answers, projects develop and solutions found conclusions. Another source of great inspiration are the books of current and past great photographers, paper and its perfume, they are and will be endless inspirers.
12What was the best piece of advice you were given starting out, by a mentor or your role model?
I have been given a lot of advice, from great photographers, friends and colleagues but the keyword can only be found within yourself.
13What advice would you give someone who would like to become a photographer today?
Be yourself, never give up. If you feel the passion, follow it and make your passion your job.
14How do you stay in that space of being receptive to new information and knowledge?
Curiosity, passion and creativity are the key.

Winning Entry

Moonbow | 2023

Moonbow | Alessandro Carboni
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Alessandro Carboni

An aspiring landscape and nature photographer, Alessandro Carboni escapes urbanized areas in search for untouched and uncontaminated places to photograph wondrous sceneries.

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