Interview with Rafael Fernandes, Founder & Creative Director of Angry Dog, Brazil

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Rafael Fernandes

As Founder and Creative Director of Angry Dog, Rafael believes that excellence in communication is achieved by expanding ideas and in extension, text, images and medias.

Interview with the 2019 Muse Creative Awards Winner - Rafael Fernandes

1Please give us a brief bio of yourself, your company, job profile, etc.
I began my career as an art director, but soon started to write copy as well. As a copywriter and creative director, I developed works for clients such as Citroën, Saeco, São Paulo State Government, Subway, Banco do Brasil, ESPN, MSC, São Paulo City Council, Ipiranga and Nokia, among others.

In 2014, I founded Angry Dog with a background of almost 15 years in the creative industry and a strong belief that excellence in communication is achieved by expanding ideas, in addition to text, images or medias.
2Tell us a bit about your business and what you do.
Angry Dog is a small creative studio based in São Paulo, Brazil. What we do is finding print and digital creative solutions for brands.
3Congratulations! As the winner of the 2019 Muse Awards, what does it mean to you and your company and team to receive this award distinction?
Thank you. It means a lot. Really.

If you look at all winning projects you can see how important Muse is now. Some of the best creative firms around the world are represented. This award makes me believe that Angry Dog is in the right track.
4What are your top three (3) favorite things about our industry?
1. Every single day is different in our industry. There is no way to be bored. 2. We can use our creativity to captivate people. It’s amazing to see that it really works. 3. Big ideas always matter.
5If you were a student entering this industry or an aspiring Muse Award submitter, what advice would you give them?
Persistence and hard work. There’s always a better idea. Keep trying. The more you produce, the better you get.
6What resources would you recommend to someone who wants to improve their skills in the creative industry?
Study, read, follow the work of other professionals, discover what's new in the media and industry, but above all, pay attention to everything and everyone. Observing people's behavior is key to knowing how to communicate.
7What is your key to success? Any parting words of wisdom?
Hard work and open mind to keep on learning.
8Do you have anything else you would like to add to the interview?
I hope to be here again next year.

Winning Entries

Bottle Cap Flag | 2019

Bottle Cap Flag | Angry Dog | Muse Awards
This ad was developed for the launch of Nippon Bebidas, brazilian importer of japanese drinks. Our great challenge was creating a strong idea with communication potential and especially with low production cost. (read more)

Angry Dog

A small creative studio based in Brazil, Angry Dog finds creative solution in print and digital for brands.