Interview with Markus Pargfrieder, Founder/ CEO of Responsive Spaces, AUT

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Markus Pargfrieder

Markus is part of the digital and creative industry for almost 20 years. The majority of those years he spent at Netural, one of the leading digital agencies in Austria. After more than 5 years as Head of Multimedia Lab, Netural and he decided to co-found Responsive Spaces and to take all know-how and experience and focus it towards the edge between analog places and digital worlds.

Responsive Spaces | Muse Awards

Interview with the 2019 MUSE Creative Awards Winner - Markus Pargfrieder

1Can you explain a bit about the winning work you entered into the 2019 Muse Awards, and why you chose to enter this project?
The Delacon Dandelion is a very unique digital installation due to its very special interface design.

It is an oversized 3D model of a dandelion that is equipped with 5 hidden sensitive temperature sensors, enabling it to detect if visitors of the exhibition are blowing while standing beside it. Furthermore, we managed to detect intensity and direction of the blow, transferring the expected behaviour to a digital twin on a LED wall.

The message of the installation that seamless bridges the gap between the analog and the digital world aligned perfectly with the brand values our client wanted to communicate.

The story itself and the execution felt like a great match to us and therefore we thought entering the competition would make sense.
2What was the biggest challenge with this project?
The core idea was clear to the project team pretty early in the project. In the beginning we just didn't know how to solve it best technically. After promising but not totally convincing prototypes featuring different technical approaches like microphones or wind sensors, we finally found new temperature sensors in the US.

The first prototype we built using a couple of those sensors finally won us over.

The model of the dandelion was then build around these sensors – partly constructed, partly 3D printed. The final visualisation and the connected behaviour of the physical and the digital dandelion just needed time and love from our designers and developers. This part of the project is more common ground for us, because it´s one of our core disciplines and strengths.

That´s somehow always challenging as well, but this project had our heads spinning in the very beginning.
3How has winning an Award developed your practice/career?

Our team at Responsive Spaces takes a lot of pride in its work. Therefore, winning international awards is great feedback from professional jury members and validates our work.

Winning the Platinum Muse Award was rewarding for everybody involved in the project.

I´m personally happy that the client got rewarded as well as daring us to let us develop something outside the box. Brave clients are needed in order to enter uncharted territories.
4If you were a student entering this industry or an aspiring Muse Award submitter, what advice would you give them?
If you are convinced that your project is not just executed in an excellent way, but you also have a good and strong story behind it, then you are at a very promising starting point.

If story and execution gel perfectly, then it´s time to make some room on a shelf, because an award might be heading your way.
5What is your key to success? Any parting words of wisdom?
Never think something is not doable. Nowadays technology is so powerful and full of possibilities that labeling a great creative idea “not doable” too soon would be a pity.

I don´t want to sound too cheesy, but always believe in the collective capabilities of your team and colleagues.
6 Do you have anything else you would like to add to the interview?
No, thanks for your time and thanks for honoring our work with the Muse Award in Platinum! We´ll be back next year ;-)

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