IAA Announces the 2020 NYX Awards Competition

Ho Kuan Teck | MYURÂ | MUSE Awards
Interview with Ho Kuan Teck, Founder of MYURÂ, SG
February 3, 2020
Patrick Schweitzer | S&AA | MUSE Awards
Interview with Patrick Schweitzer, Architect of S&AA, FR
February 4, 2020

DATELINE: February 3, 2020 (New York – United States)

IAA Announces the NYX Awards Competition

The International Awards Associate (IAA) is pleased to announce a brand-new awards competition, the NYX Awards, a brand-new awards competition catered to all marketing communications, creative, digital, web and video professionals. “We’re so excited to introduce a total revamp of the GlobalTrend Awards, and we can foresee even greater success for the NYX Awards,” Kenjo Ong, CEO of IAA, said. “We’re always ready to see more and more individuals getting interested in participating in one of the best awards competitions in the world.”
The NYX Awards is the crown jewel in IAA’s suite of competitions, which also includes the MUSE Creative Awards, MUSE Design Awards, MUSE Hotel Awards and Vega Digital Awards.
The competition is opening its entries on February 3, 2020 with winning entries announced in June 2020, recognizing the efficiency, adaptability and expertise of all marketing and creative professionals from more than 50 countries. Deadline for entry is May 7, 2020.
“We are excited to announce that there’ll be brand new categories for all to participate in, like Design & Print and Web Based Production,” Kenjo said. “The NYX Awards exemplifies limitless opportunities for all creative professionals from every corner of the industry, where they can be rewarded for their dazzling artistry and determination. It’s their moment to truly shine under the big spotlight.”
The NYX Awards is home to many international agencies and firms whose winning entries are representations of creativity and expertise. Their role in reshaping the marketing communications and creative ideations worldwide are testaments to their creative ideas and visions, inspiring many and awing all.
Boston Celtics Xfinity Video on Demand Intro by Nash Pictures LLC, United States. Client: Boston Celtics
Borges Mediterranean Snacking by Vibranding, Spain. Client: Borges International Group
Gloriously Gold: Celebrating AirAsia’s 10 Years of Awards by Rethink Sdn Bhd, Malaysia. Client: AirAsia
Microsoft 365 Security -- 2018 by Microsoft, United States. Client: Microsoft
COURAGE by BEAMY, China. Client: Longines
NYX Awards are open to all marketing communications and creative professionals ranging from marketing communications, public relations, production companies, broadcasting to freelancers, agencies, advertisers and content creators. Participants may be individuals or teams of professionals from firms of any size, location or nationality.
A small fee is required per entry, and is used solely to produce and administer the competition. A jury is selected from a comprehensive, international field of award-winning professionals from each creative discipline.
“The NYX statuette is distinctive from its predecessor, the GlobalTrend Awards, in both its look and feel,” Ong added. “The unique design is a representation of what the Goddess of Night is, her beauty and wisdom displayed in our near flawless design.”
The Top 10 NYX Agencies of the Year awards will be awarded to the best entry by an agency for both awards. The NYX Grand, NYX Gold and NYX Silver level winners will be announced within three weeks of the close of competition.
IAA is an international group of award-winning design and communications professionals. “We look forward to receiving world class entries that can continue to inspire many professionals for decades to come,” Ong said. “The NYX Awards will most certainly become a beacon of wisdom and ideas for the international community.”
Deadline for entries is May 7, 2020. For competition rules and entry forms, please visit https://nyxawards.com for more information.

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