An Introduction to Font Psychology [Infographic]

Do you know that font choice plays a role in conveying your business message effectively? By understanding font psychology, you would be able to perform better in delivering the right message to people.

Indeed, font types, it is an essential element in designs that involve words. It is an art, a business prospect that involves the engagement of psychology.


What Exactly is Font Psychology?

The choice of font is visually influential in forming the perceptions and feelings of people- just like how colors does. As an instance, using a scripted font brings out a sense of elegance and sophistication, be it in your brand logo, poster or any other written elements.

The infographic below is an introduction to font psychology. It could serve as a guide for you to understand how different fonts deliver a message. Good luck in choosing the right fonts!

An Introduction to Font Psychology [Infographic]

Infographic Source: Becky Kinkead

Infographic |  Inspiration |  Creative Awards

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