Vega Digital Awards

Vega Digital Awards

The Muse Advertising AwardsVega Digital Awards and GlobalTrend Awards are an annual competition organized by International Awards Associates (IAA). The awards are dedicated to the sharing and enjoyment of all creative, digital and video art forms. These including advertising, branding, and marketing campaign etc. It also includes integrated marketing, website design, videography, online video, cinematography, television and film. In addition, you can also participate in photography, mobile apps, student design & production, and gaming categories. Our judges are experts in their fields, and they come from around the globe, with the common interest in improving the art form, raising its standards and inspiring all those who have found themselves on this creative and rewarding path.

Each year, we invite outstanding digital and creative professionals, such as advertising agencies, marketing agencies, freelancers to participate. We also welcome web developers, web designers, web agencies, cinematographers, photographers, videographers, game designers, interactive agencies, video and film production companies around the world to submit entries. We honor the experience of veterans, and we encourage the young people who are the industry’s future.


October 12, 2020
Kate Ratner | VEGA Digital Awards

Interview with Yekaterina Ratner, Creative Director of Cloud Construct, United States

Kate is the Creative Director of Cloud Construct, where her passion for digital design grows with each technological innovation.
October 2, 2020
Sukratti Jain |

Interview with Sukratti Jain, Creative Technologist, India

As a fledging creative from Miami Ad School Hamburg, Sukratti expresses his ingenuity by using both digital design and Mixed Reality.
October 1, 2020
Luke Heise | Vega Digital Awards

Interview with Luke Heise, Executive Creative Director of Motion Lab, Australia

As Executive Creative Director of Motion Lab, Luke is responsible for directing several animation projects and sometimes undertaking the role as chief animator for
September 30, 2020
Josh Loveridge | Loveridge Digital | Vega Digital Awards

Interview with Josh Loveridge, Managing Director of Loveridge Digital, Ireland

Josh is the Managing Director of Loveridge Digital, where he creates high quality content for his clients with his love for the design process.
September 21, 2020
Ted Pedro | VEGA Awards |

Interview with Ted Pedro, Art Director, United States

As a fledging Art Director, Ted’s vision in advertising has led him to tinkering new ideas and concepts for brands.
September 15, 2020
The Story of Coffee | Motion Lab | Vega Awards

Motion Lab Presents the Story of Coffee You’ll Never Forget

Get to know all about coffee with the help of Motion Lab’s amazing animations!
September 10, 2020
THU - Japan | Vega Awards

THU Japan’s Website Breaks New Ground in User Interaction

MOXY’s collaboration with THU Japan has yielded one of the best innovative websites of 2020!
June 4, 2020
Aman Roy | MUSE Design Awards

Interview with Aman Roy, Creative Director and General Manager of Watermark Marketing Management, United Arab Emirates

As Creative Director of Watermark Marketing Management, Aman always tests his limits by coming up with better ideas or solutions with clients.
May 28, 2020
Dave Gilbert | VEGA Digital Awards

Interview with Dave Gilbert, Managing Partner and COO of Stray Media Group, United States

Dave Gilbert is the COO of Stray Media Group, which allows him to create new business developments and build customer relationships with creative art direction and […]
May 22, 2020
Diogo Gama Rocha

Interview with Diogo Gama Rocha, General Manager of Omdesign, Portugal

As General Manager of Omdesign, Diogo’s tireless curiosity allowed him to have strong relationships with clients and create quality visuals/creative work.
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