Interview with Winners

December 11, 2019
Faldo Andreo Honggowidjoj | Fal Andreo and design associates | Muse Awards

Interview with Faldo Andreo Honggowidjojo, Head of Design Consultant of Fal Andreo and Design Associates, ID

Faldo is the Head Design Consultant of Fal Andreo and Design Associates, assisting in designing some of the most beautiful establishments in the world and works […]
December 10, 2019
Jimmi Tuan | Bratus Agency | Muse Awards

Interview with Jimmi Tuan, Creative Director & Founder of Bratus Agency, VN

As Founder and Creative Director of Bratus, Jimmi is responsible for creating brand identities for lifestyle brands with unique visual assets
December 5, 2019
Shaly Guo | Muse Awards

Interview with Shaly Guo, Fashion Design Director of Shaly Guo, US

Shaly Guo is a fashion company founded by Shaly Guo herself, where she uses her Chinese-inspired influences on her clothing lines.
December 5, 2019
Barbara Amerio | Permare | Muse Awards

Interview with Barbara Amerio, Co-Owner of Permare, IT

As Co-Owner of Permare and Amer Yacht, Barbara is in charge of crafting and innovating new ways we view yachts through emotions and feelings.
November 4, 2019
Somchana Kangwarnjit | Prompt Design | Muse Awards

Interview with Somchana Kangwarnjit, Executive Creative Director of Prompt Design, THB

As Executive Creative Director of Prompt Design, Somchana is responsible with building brands and businesses, allowing many to experience a style unlike any other.
October 24, 2019
Chad Richards | Firebelly Marketing | Muse Awards

Interview with Chad Richards, Vice President of Firebelly Marketing, US

As Vice President of Firebelly, Chad oversees social media marketing initiatives for clients that allows brands to better communicate with their consumers.
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