July 18, 2024

Interview with Claire Jeanjean from France

Claire Jeanjean is an underwater photographer based in the South of France, where pools and the sea serve as her favorite playgrounds. During the pandemic, she […]
July 17, 2024

Interview with 7QUARK

7QUARK, an indie game development team, initially focused on mobile games but shifted to PC and console platforms a few years ago. This change led to […]
July 16, 2024

Emma Constance – An Artist with a Mission

This blend of lyrical inspiration and vocal brilliance has deservedly earned Emma Constance the Platinum award in the LIT Music Awards for Best Female Artist. I […]
July 15, 2024

Interview with Robert Butcher from the United States

Robert Butcher is a corporate video production professional with over 12 years of experience creating high-impact visual content for businesses. He owns and operates ProfessionalVP and […]
July 12, 2024

Dreaming Big – Emma He and the Rise of SLEEPM Global

Emma He, the CEO of SLEEPM GLOBAL’s leadership continues to inspire innovation and empowerment across continents. Solidifying its position as a pioneer in the wellness industry. […]
July 11, 2024

Discover Restaurant Excellence with SynergySuite

In today’s competitive culinary landscape, SynergySuite is the secret ingredient fueling financial success for modern restaurants with its innovative management solutions. In the bustling world of […]
July 11, 2024

Tranquil Elegance Awaits at Hyatt Centric Lakeside Ningbo

Whether exploring the scenic surroundings or enjoying the luxurious amenities, Hyatt Centric Lakeside Ningbo promises a stay that is both enchanting and memorable. Hyatt Centric Lakeside […]
July 11, 2024

Interview with Damodaran Chingleput Sathyakumar from the United States

Damodaran Chingleput Sathyakumar is a staff engineer at eBay’s presentation engineering experiences. Originally from Chennai, India, he worked in Bangalore before moving to San Jose for […]
July 11, 2024

Interview with Suman Mysore from the United States

Suman Mysore is a Senior Engineer and Global Lead of Transmission Line Projects at Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company Inc., with extensive expertise in designing and […]
July 11, 2024

Interview with Sathishkumar Chintala from the United States

Sathishkumar Chintala, a seasoned IT professional with 15 years of experience, is a Senior Software Engineer at Fisher Investments. With a strong foundation in data engineering, […]