2018 Muse Creative Awards to Celebrate “Rising Together”

DATELINE March 15, 2018, New York – United States


2018 Muse Creative Awards to Celebrate “Rising Together”

International Awards Associates, Inc. (IAA) is pleased to announce the 2018 Muse Awards competition. Now in its third year, the Muse Awards seeks out and recognizes the inspiring achievements of design and advertising companies, and the creative professionals who are the lifeblood of the global marketing communications industry. Deadline for entry is March 15, 2018.

“We’ve continued to build recognition in the international creative community,” Kenjo Ong, President for the Muse Creative Awards said. “In keeping with global trends, this year we celebrate excellence in the craft and art of communications, and messaging that transcends borders and cultural differences.  We believe that together, we can all rise.”

2018 Muse Creative Awards to Celebrate “Rising Together”

Anticipation is building ahead of this year’s Muse Awards, as seen by the breadth and depth of past years’ submissions. Entries in all categories will compete for a freshly re-designed trophy with Platinum Gold or Rose Gold finish, depending on the level of win determined by an elite panel of judges.

Ong noted that the March 2018 deadline is especially beneficial for Muse Award recipients. “Winning so early in 2018 can have a greater impact on career and reputations all year long,” he said. “Based on previous years, our jurors anticipate seeing even more inspiring talent from this year’s participants.”

All marketing and communications professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of marketing and communication collateral may enter the Muse Awards competition, whether they work in print, visual, online or audio materials. A small fee is required per entry, and is used to produce, administer and judge the competition.

2018 Muse Creative Awards to Celebrate “Rising Together”

In addition to the award, and in the spirit of “Rise Together,” small grants may be given to firms who personify social responsibility and service to their communities. “As the world moves toward global initiatives and a global economy, we want to reward excellent work that communicates in ways that are universal,” Ong said. “With a unified message, we can achieve our goals – and rise together.”

Deadline for online-only entry in the 2018 Muse Creative Awards competition is March 15, 2018. For full submission instructions, go to museaward.com


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