Creative Pick: 2017 Muse Creative Awards Platinum Winner: The Mosquito Killer Billboard by NBS, Brazil


Company : NBS

Client : Posterscope Brasil

Project Title : The Mosquito Killer Billboard

Category : OUTDOOR ADVERTISING | Billboard

Country : Brazil

Zika virus is no longer a local Brazilian issue, is a now a global threat. The main objective of this campaign was to raise awareness around the cause locally and offer freely a new option to fight the Aedes Aegypti mosquito that carries this disease. Brazil has been bombarded with headlines against the Zika virus for the past few months. All major TV channels, radios, magazines and newspapers were talking about it.

But the organized society, in an overall point of view, were not doing much to fight the mosquito and the population in general relies on the government to win this inglorious battle. The big idea was to use the only media that is on the streets side by side with the population, the out of home media, promote the cause and actually be effective to kill mosquitos on the way. After some studies we discovered that the totems installed almost in every sidewalk of the city could be adapted and transformed in the perfect media to release the project.


Director : Otto Frossard

Art Director : Rodrigo Santos

Production Manager : Paulo Farias

Writer : Bob Ferraz

Art Director : Augusto Correia

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