Creative Pick: 2017 Muse Creative Awards Platinum Winner: CUTOUT MAGAZINE by TSUBAKI, Malaysia

Company : TSUBAKI



Category : PUBLICATION | Magazine

Country : Malaysia

Having been around for seven years, CUTOUT has often been the chief publication in the design community. Other than fulfilling its responsibilities as a media, CUTOUT uplifts the local design community by encouraging exchange of thoughts and ideas amongst designers, and supporting their talents by showcasing their works in the publication.

We are engaged in the development of the creative direction of each issue of CUTOUT, maximizing the full potential of design as a creative tool that makes CUTOUT not just for good reading, but as a collectable, too. CUTOUT’s scope crosses a wide spectrum within three fields – graphic design, pop culture and everything in between.

The contents are mostly infographics-based and delivered in English, being the preferred language for communication. Presumably, this is due to the unique characteristic that defines what is Malaysian: the cultural mix – varied and colourful, yet essentially adaptive to change in the environment.

The team behind CUTOUT has high regards to design and the local cultures of Malaysia. It is one of those rare projects that we took upon that has become a major lifelong contribution on our end to see this publication make an impact in the design community in Malaysia.


Creative Director: Jay Lim
Editor: Vivian Toh
Designer: Jiun Pheng
Designer: Deryin Teh

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