Creative Pick: 2017 Muse Creative Awards Platinum Winner: Child Labour by Minamotion, United States

Company : Minamotion

Client : UNICEF

Project Title : Child Labour

Category : VIDEO | Nonprofit / Religious

Country : United States

Children of Labor is a stop-motion PSA geared towards the children of labor across the globe. In our execution, we experimented with stop-motion animation and cel animation. We believe it would be appropriate to construct our set out of white foam to match the cold, winter mood with added high contrast lighting.

Child Labour 01

The narrative for this animation involves a young child working in a clothing factory in the middle of a city. The child has been working long hours and is at a bus stop waiting to get home. Eventually, a school bus comes to save the child from the destructive work environment. The bus symbolizes a hopeful future for the child. A future that involves an education.

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