Album Photography | The Lost Fingers Wins 2017 Muse Creative Awards

The Lost Fingers by Pinch / Martin Tremblay Photographer is the 2017 Muse Creative Awards Platinum winner in the album photography category. The location of the photo shoot for the Christmas album CD is the whitesand desert New Mexico.


Client : The Lost Fingers

Project Title : The Lost Fingers

Category : Photography (5 Photos)

Country : Canada

About Martin Tremblay Photographer

Today Martin’s work has been recognized all over the world. They are published in prestigious international magazines such as Zink New York, Schön! London, NOI.SE Australia and Highlights Australia, to name but a few. His list of awards includes the Lux Grand Prize in 2015 for photography and for fashion in 2015, a Mirrors award for fashion and a Lux award for portrait, among many others. He even has a Juno Award for best album cover.

But beyond the raw and practiced talent that makes his work so unusual, it is Martin’s ability to understand and connect with his clients. These makes him such an obvious choice for art directors and editors from Montréal to Australia.

Perfectionist and always at the avant-garde ( he likes to joke that he always wants to be at least 5 or 10 years ahead of the times ) Martin is constantly exploring with new styles. He is always taking on bigger challenges and making bolder choices to push the boundaries of his oeuvre and of the trade. A patient and detail-oriented shooter, he understands that the delight is in the details. Focusing precisely on the minutia, whether technical, artistic or conceptual, that will take a photograph from great to monumental.

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