Recipe for an Epic Mobile App Design

Recipe for an Epic Mobile App Design

Why is It Important?

A 2015 study by Google suggested that an average user has about 36 mobile apps installed on their smart phones. However, people tend to use only approximately 9 of them. Statistically revealing, an average American mobile phone user uses only 4% of the installed apps on daily basis. So, what is factor that makes the mobile app usable? It is user engagement.

User engagement in mobile app design accounts for the user experience design (UX) principles that are used to your advantage. Any app that the user uses more in comparison to others is definitely more usable. For that, it will rank high in terms of user experience. A more usable app is not only high on user experience but it also reduces chances of app uninstalls.

Let us now look at 5 ingredients that you put in to create epic mobile app designs that will delight your users globally:
Recipe for an Epic Mobile App Design
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